Must have tools for today’s handyman (or woman)

Take a glance through your dad’s garage and you’re bound to see rows and rows of tools hung neatly in the same spot they’ve hung for years. This is what makes a great handyman, knowing exactly where everything is and how to use it. But what are the essential tools needed to build your own brilliant handyman’s garage?

The basics

Start with the basics, everything you’d need to hammer a nail, screw a screw, remove a bent tack and saw a log. Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and a saw are a great place to start. Of course, you’re going to need a few different types, you can’t screw in a flathead screw with a cross head screwdriver for starters, so make sure you’ve got all the options covered. Similarly for sawing a small piece of wood you may only need a small hacksaw, so stock up on different sizes. You’ll need two different types of pliers for removing small things and acting as a clamp. With the means to hammer and screw, you need the objects to hammer and screw so a few boxes of various shaped screws and nails and you’re well underway.

Moving on

If you’re venturing into the world of plumbing you’ll find you need an adjustable wrench for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts and of course a mixed box of nuts and bolts to go with it.
On a more basic level and for use in a host of DIY projects, you’ll want to have a tape measure – no guestimates allowed, a spirit level to stop your books sliding down your bookshelf and some decent cutting blades.

Getting serious

When you’re getting really serious, it’s time to tool up with a power tool. Not only do these tools make you feel the part, they save you a heap of time on your DIY jobs.
A drill and a sander are excellent places to start and two of the more commonly used power tools.
A drill will drill, screw and even mix paint for you with the help of various attachments while a sander takes the hard work out of preparing surfaces for painting.

If you’re feeling confident then a circular saw, reciprocal saw, nail gun and jigsaw might also be on your shopping list. Giving you the option of sawing through hard surfaces, cutting fine detail and hammering in nails at speed.

If you’re turning your skills to fixing up cars then keeping a mechanic’s tool set handy will also save you a trip to the local garage. Here you’ll need many of the same general tools with some specialist ones thrown in including wheel nut removers and tyre jacks.

And if you’re going to embark on your dream to become a handyman you’ll need some protective gear for you and your house. Invest in dust sheets to lay down on floors and over furniture, and masking tape to hold things in place. Don’t forget to get yourself some protective clothing, including a breathing mask and eye protectors.

Now you’ve loaded up on tools, bought your protective clothing , it’s time to start your first project. Possibly a garage to put all your tools in, just like your dad!